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Tag: Nevada

Modest Growth in Blue Collar Employment in March

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Growth in blue collar jobs was modest in March as the total number of jobs rose by 28,000 or 0.15 percent. This is less than the increase in February (0.5 percent) but is 1.1 percent (217,000) above the March 2016 level.

Highest to Lowest Share of Blue Collar Jobs By State

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Last November, Donald Trump was elected President of the United States thanks largely to overwhelming support from working-class white voters. This has engendered a discussion about the decline of blue collar jobs in the Midwest specifically and throughout the country more broadly.

Growth in Blue Collar Jobs Continues in March

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As noted in this month’s CEPR Jobs Byte, the national unemployment rate ticked down to 4.5 percent in March. Overall job growth was just 98,000 for the month. Coupled with downward revision in the last two months, the three-month job growth average was 178,000.