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CEPR’s Blue Collar Jobs Tracker lets you take a closer look at the path of job growth in four major blue-collar industries: manufacturing, mining, construction, and logging. The Trump administration has made a commitment to bring back manufacturing, mining and other blue collar jobs that have been lost in recent decades. Each month, we’ll update this site with the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics state level jobs data so that you can follow job growth in these industries.


Despite Recent Gains, Blue Collar Employment Remains Well Below Prerecession Levels

by Alan Barber

Employment in blue collar jobs rose by 49,000 in April, an increase of 0.2 percent. Since last April, employment in mining and logging (combined), manufacturing, ...

Blue Collar Jobs Continue to Expand Across Midwest in March

by Dean Baker

The moderate pace of expansion of blue collar jobs continued in March, as most of the Rust Belt states added jobs in both manufacturing and ...

Blue Collar Jobs Continue to Increase Across Rust Belt

by Dean Baker

Consistent with national data showing modest increases in blue collar employment across the country, employment in construction and manufacturing increased in most states in the ...

Tepid Blue Collar Job Growth Continues in the Rust Belt

by Alan Barber

Unemployment rates did not increase in any of the 50 states in January. Six states saw rates go down and 44 states were stable. Nonfarm ...

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