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CEPR’s Blue Collar Jobs Tracker lets you take a closer look at the path of job growth in four major blue-collar industries: manufacturing, mining, construction, and logging. The Trump administration has made a commitment to bring back manufacturing, mining and other blue collar jobs that have been lost in recent decades. Each month, we’ll update this site with the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics state level jobs data so that you can follow job growth in these industries.


Upward Revision Results in 14 Consecutive Months of Manufacturing Growth at the National Level

by Alan Barber

Total nonfarm employment was mostly stable around the country, with only three states (North Carolina, -21,900 jobs or a decrease of 0.5 percent compared to ...

Several States See Declines in Manufacturing Jobs

by Alan Barber

Nationally, employment in the blue collar sectors grew by 26,000 in August, an increase of 0.1 percent compared with July. The total number of jobs ...

The Cost of Coal

by Matt Harmon

At a recent rally in West Virginia, Donald Trump expressed preference for coal-derived energy over renewables by labeling wind farms as avian killing fields. Trump’s ...

Labor Day is a Reminder that ‘More Jobs’ Should Mean ‘Better Jobs’

by Matt Sedlar

On June 10, 1872, an estimated 150,000 workers marched through New York City to celebrate the end of a three-month, statewide strike. The purpose of ...

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