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More of the Same in Blue Collar Jobs as the Numbers Creep Up

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Employment in construction, manufacturing, and mining and logging increased in August by 45,000, or 0.23 percent over the previous month, according to the latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  Construction Construction jobs increased by 17,000, or 0.24 percent over the previous month. The three-month average from June to August was 69,000 jobs, or […]

Several States See Declines in Manufacturing Jobs

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Nationally, employment in the blue collar sectors grew by 26,000 in August, an increase of 0.1 percent compared with July. The total number of jobs in these sectors has increased by 789,200 (3.9 percent) since August of 2017. Despite this growth, this is still 5.0 percent lower than the total number of blue collar jobs […]