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Potential Effects of Curtailing Fossil Fuel Use on Jobs, By State

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What effect would curtailing fossil use have over jobs in the fossil fuel industry? Dean Baker and Aiden Lee project it could cause an annual job loss that is less than the number of workers that employers typically fire or lay off in a single day, even in states with a large fossil fuel industry. […]

The Cost of Coal

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At a recent rally in West Virginia, Donald Trump expressed preference for coal-derived energy over renewables by labeling wind farms as avian killing fields. Trump’s concern for wildlife is unconvincing. To loosen restrictions on the fossil fuel industry his administration has pushed deregulatory efforts to mute climate change actions by rolling back car emissions standards […]

Despite What the Director of the EPA Says, We Have Not Had a Boom in Coal

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Over the weekend, EPA chief Scott Pruitt made the rounds of the Sunday shows talking up the yuge increase in coal jobs we have seen in the last few months. Problem is he was pretty far off base, claiming that there were 50,000 new coal mining jobs so far this year. Responding to a clip […]